Udemy Academy

Udemy Academy teaches coding better than most college classes.


Unlike in college, Udemy does not force the student to do a bunch of nonsense. If your goal is to learn Java, they do just that, teach you JAVA. There is no writing assignments about the history of JAVA, no discussion on why its useful or any team projects, the instructor simply teaches you JAVA. This can be said about any subject, I like to call this focused learning. The only draw back to focused learning is that the classes don't count toward a degree, however many of these classes do give the student a certificate for completing them.

A certificate is not a degree true, but they are something. The way the school system is going with these college prices some businesses might start to consider looking for employees with these focused learning courses under their belt, I would not be surprised if some of these tech companies put Udemy courses over traditional academy. All it takes is an entrepreneur who themselves has seen like I have that these courses teach the needed skills better and that is it, they will hire people with these certificates. When you obtain a certificate with Udemy, you can add it directly to your LinkedIn profile immediately, I can't begin to tell you how often recruiters message me on LinkedIn.

Udemy classes can be Free, $9.99 or hundreds of dollars, unlike college classes which can be thousands for a single class.

The last thing I will say about Udemy, is that their classes are not politicized at all. I don't care where anyone stands politically, but I don't want it dragged into the classroom, it is a huge distraction if nothing else. When I am learning how to code, I do not want to listen to my professors opinion on foreign policy or anything else politics. Unless you are taking a political science class, then you shouldn't have to hear anything about politics.

One of the first classes I took with Udemy was this free class on JavaScript, check it out.

This link is an invite to join Udemy, there is no membership fee, you pay only for the classes that cost money and you do them at your pace. Try a free class and see for yourself. Learn how to do new stuff and start earning more money.

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