Weaponizing evolution against theology.


While I am far from a Biblical creationist (in the "the world is only 6,000 years old" sense) I still find it difficult to blame Christians who flee to private schools with their families to escape so-called "Darwinism."

From what I've seen, their skepticism is well-founded. Because people who get caught up on the crucial importance of teaching evolution in schools all too often do, in fact, have every intention of weaponizing evolution against theology.

I legitimately don't think Christian fears are exaggerated, there.

(But Arb, you're misrepresenting our position. We're not trying to "weaponize" anything. We just want scientific truths taught in our schools. And- while we regret that parents can still shelter their children from proven scientific facts in private, brainwashing institutions- we certainly can't allow our tax dollars to be misused pushing shoddy science like "intelligent design" and other such rubbish on students while sheltering them from verified reality).

To that I say, I literally just don't believe you.

Or, rather, I don't believe most of you. That particular rebuttal rings so hollow coming from those who care so little about science in every non-political usage.

For the most part, I'd say the rebuttal is a disingenuous, empty talking point used by anti-theists seeking to mask their earnest intentions. Yup, I said it. By and large, the people hung up on teaching evolution in schools are not motivated by "deep reverence for scientific truth" or whatever. They're motivated by a desire to undermine theistic beliefs.

And this isn't coming from a Biblical creationist or a zealous private education proponent.

I'm simply saying that Christian parents (even ones who believe wholeheartedly in science and its paramount importance) are correct to point out that many of the people who support modernized scientific curriculums do so not out of the desire to promote scientific truth, but out of the desire to subvert religion.

Christian parents aren't fleeing to shelter their kids from science.

They're fleeing those who legitimately seek to weaponize science against them.


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