What is Cloud Computing? : What are its Pros and Cons

In today's time, you are living life in the computer and technology age. Every day more and more glossary comes up and all these glossaries are converted into reality very soon.

Many people are also unaware of when any computer / technology related terminology has entered their lives. Whether it be artificial intelligence, be it 4G technology, or even cloud computing!

Yes! Today I am talking about cloud computing. Let's know what it really is ...

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Generally, the computer we use uses files in local drives. We create a folder and save our file inside the folder which gets saved in our offline computer hard drive.

But when we talk about cloud computing, none of our data is saved offline, rather we keep working and our data is saved online, remotely on virtual servers.

The advantage of this is that we do not need to take our computer everywhere, but online, we can access our files and data from anywhere on the cloud. We can access not only on computer but also from any compatible device like mobile, tablet etc.

The special thing is that cloud services are free in many places and it is paid in many places.

The reason for this is very simple and that is that the data stored on the cloud is very safe. There is no risk of corrupting them, nor is there a risk of them getting deleted, and the cloud service provider arranges that new hardware updates are constantly done on the server and backup of files is also saved at the right place. are.

It also does not cost you extra hardware.

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Cloud computing is mainly of 3 types, in which the first public cloud computing can be counted. Here the data is very less secure and can be accessed from multiple locations.

And then there is private cloud computing which is very safe and you have complete control over it. One can take as much access as you can, neither more nor less!

After this, the name of Hybrid Cloud Computing can be calculated, some of which are public and some are private.

In general, private cloud computing is quite used, as its safety-security is ensured.

Talking about a few examples, Google Drive is its best exam, which you can access from any device from any corner of the world.


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