What is really going on in our physical world

Here is an article I wrote awhile ago that has pounded a nerve of the lord of karma big time, as it exposes the heart of his extremely sadistic, sneaky, disgusting scheme of the soul recycle business:

It seems to me that the current human being in general is too dumb to understand the idea of true karma and the natural law by himself alone. It may closely resemble an event that a cat plays with a bug and eventually kills it and laments how it was fun and lovable. Does the cat deserve karma for killing it? Does the cat even understand the karma in the first place? Can you blame killing the bug on the cat and play god to place the karma on the soul of the cat? If there is indeed this kind of karma (Of course, it does! As it at least manifests to the physical world, believe it or not!), then, the karma SHOULD actually be placed on the one who has made it all possible in the first place. This most logically means that the karma SHOULD NOT be on the physical being nor should on the being's soul but on those who are responsible for putting a soul on the cat (as I speak about that cat above) or even on those who have made it all possible in the first place.

Even though the karma eventually plays out in the physical world, it is absolutely unreasonable to expect that that particular cat's soul has to take the burden. I believe that this is the game the lord of karma plays on human being including myself in the name of karma and science under the natural law, which is in fact nothing but pseudo karma, pseudo science and fraud.

The same may be going on to masturbation, loosh, physical health, enlightenment, and the guilty conscious and subconscious. I am still nowhere to understand the dynamics of masturbation even after so much experience within this reincarnation (One aspect of it seems to me that masturbation impedes refining or crystallizing the loosh thus interferes with harvesting a quality product). Can you blame me and my soul and other humans for not knowing the full extent of the consequences? I must say that humans are designed to be incapable of understanding it because if someone had made them otherwise, he cannot harvest human loosh very easily.

In summary, it is only natural to conclude that the lord of karma plays an essential role for perpetuating the pseudo karma game play and as a matter of fact the true karma should be placed on the lord of karma themselves. Specifically, the lord of karma blames each individual human soul for believing in the slave system called government and its actions by violating the natural law. Likewise, they blame such things as masturbation, infidelity, carnivorism on each individual human soul under the guise of morality, the occult science, the providence, or the natural law and make sure it manifests in the physical world one way or anther regardless of how he is (un)aware of such a law.

I suspect that a group of inner zodiac is created and oversees the pseudo karma takes place in order to get each corresponding individual human soul to receive the blame. I suspect that the most if not all members of the inner zodiac are colluding with both the illegal loosh harvesting and the fraud of pseudo karma. I also suspect that the lord of karma is not necessarily the designer or the creator of the physical world, the natural law, the occult science, human being, and human's association with the inner zodiac which sometimes overlaps with a group called the I-cluster (I-There/I-Here).

My guess is that the designer and the creator are all left because of the true karma but some cunning business entrepreneur took over their creation and converted it into a lucrative business, advertised and disguised as a learning place through experiences, which is, in fact, nothing more than an inhumane loosh factory.

It is my understanding that the factory workers want to harvest a quality loosh particularly from human beings for reasons. In order to cultivate a good quality loosh, the subject has to experience an intense emotion such as feeling noble, genuine, a great accomplishment, a true love, taking part in a truly revolutionary event, discovery, invention, an emotional separation or reunion, or a recovery from injustice, pain, or suffering.

They advice petty humans abstinence because it crystilizes the loosh quite effectively. Also, the refined loosh seems to enhance human perception and acts as a halucinatory drug amoung humans, which works very well in reenforcing the subject's religious belief or doctorine or dogma and thus producing more quality goods. And, of course, during the halucination, a member of the lord of karma or the inner zodiac or their accomplice shows up as a divine being such as god and angel or some benevolent being or a former lover or some great ancestor depending on the subject's particular tastes at the time.

So, in the end, as a human, it is not particularly important to uncover some esoteric science or the natural law or any other new doctrine for that matter since it only causes the human to feel maturer and nobler within his limited awareness but it almost never causes him to doubt the whole framework of swindle committed against his soul sometimes under the very name of newly discovered ones.

In other words, usually, he only sees the apparent reason why he has to suffer by finding out that he has violated some occult laws and tries to correct his mistakes and advocates a nobler, more reasonable approach in his life time.

It seems so obvious to most humans that violating the law is indeed the source of trouble among the current population. However, these apparent reasons can never explain why the new babies coming out to the current situations of the world have to suffer from the predicaments of the present world and why we have to suffer as a child from the predicaments of the previous generations. It's ONLY because somebody has made it sure that your soul receives the karma you committed in the previous reincarnations.

In this physical world, there is no such thing as a random accident. Your particular way of suffering is carefully controlled by the karma you carry. And, of course, the child is completely innocent. The karma you get is a pseudo karma they have conveniently pushed upon to your soul, yourself!

In conclusion, what seems to be important to me is a courage and a clear, sharp mind to confront the criminals. Almost every new spirit or "voice" you encounter for the first time is a lair since it is the only way to perpetuate their criminal operations. How do you operate a sex dungeon as a criminal? You drug and cage the victim and never let her figure out how to escape and make her feel helpless and even normal or safe and blessed.


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