Whatsapp (the trending topic)

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1. what happend in whatsapp?

The reason is whatsapp update their policy . This new policy have many new conditions like "we collect and share your datas from facebook and our other companies" in this point data means our information contains Device name with model, OS installed, your chats, status what you set, your location, groups you joined and some more. I recived this notification 1 day ago.

2. About whatsapp

just visit wikipedia

further intresting...

3. why big sound against whatsapp?

Since facebook buy the whatsapp they says ,"we give it free and with provide end to end encryption", but this new policy break this. And also it is one of the most downloaded, used messenger app (5B+ downloads in google play when this write). Everyone internet user know this app. So,they are all users disapponited(who give importance privacy).

4. Earnig from free apps(or anything in internet):

Understand one thing your data is biggest earnig source in internet. Not only whatsapp everythings collect your data for eranings from show related adds, know about you and give good suiteable content for you and more things.....
for example the android is opensource but, you know it collects your data for show google's adds, every android devices have uniqe add id.

free apps earnings from your data stages..

5. Before new policy whatsapp can't collect data?

Before the new policy update also I know whatsapp collect our datas, if you request the request account info you get all details, many more included in new policy, In more detailed about this I not feel this policy is new because they are already collect all. But, now they say we share datas past days they collect datas but not shared, so that is problem.

6. Bye whatsapp(optional read):

The hardest thing is get others hope, its really hard. Whatsapp is get this position for long improvements. I think after this incidend whatsapp take down. if they don't cancel their's new policy I delete my account.

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