Why aren't all the elderly accepting of new technology?

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Modern technology is so essential these days, not a single day goes by without using it or reading about something new, and for today's generation we actually accept almost all types of technology so we can keep up with life, and not feel that we were left behind while everyone is developing, even if it is costly for many, it is still worth it, but why do we see many elderly not accepting the new technology at all and they refuse to use it even if they have the chance?

Most of the elderly do not accept new technology because they fear that it will embarrass them in some way, which does happen from time to time. Perhaps some of us have seen some of them posting strange things or using the wrong emojis, which may change the entire meaning of a sentence, but they don't mean it because they are just learning how to use this particular type of technology, and anyone would fall in mistakes, but for the new generation, and by interacting with each other, we can simply avoid falling in those mistakes because we heard of them from someone else, or even read about them by ourselves.

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Another reason why older people are unable to accept modern technology is that they are accustomed to a simple lifestyle in which everything is done by hand rather than by machines. They used to talk to people face to face, visit each other, and spend time together, but now people usually interact using their smartphones which seems alien to them.

Nowadays, different technological fields started looking forward to convince this group of people to use the technology without any feeling of embarrassment by making them much more simple or adding features that allow them to make things simpler for them to use, but I still believe that kids and oldies should take some courses or be guided well before using technology, so they will be able to do everything by themselves and also not to be an easy target for hackers.

Do you think there are other reasons for oldies to refuse to use technology? let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, peace.


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