Why Wait?

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One thing which Pandemic has taught us that if we can work together, we can overcome any challenging situation. Medical scientists worked together to come up with the vaccines in such a short time.

If things can be achieved faster and better by working together, why are we playing individualistic most of the time? Why do we see such collective efforts only during natural calamity or disaster?

Can we not make it happen in more generalistic situations?

Two minds are always better than one. Every invention/discovery which a man has done could have been brought much earlier if more minds working collectively rather than only working in isolation. Though during earlier times due to lack of proper technology getting in touch with like-minded people was a difficult task. But, what about today?

Today, we have the best of technology which can help us connect to anyone across the globe for collaboration but we people are conditioned in a manner to achieve things individualistically. We want all by ourselves.

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It doesn't mean that we can't do things alone, we certainly can but if work in a collaborative environment, things can be achieved faster and with much more efficiency.

The challenges in the future will be much global and complex in nature, we cannot solve those just by playing it individualistically, we need to connect with each other across boundaries. Future will be all about communities, tribes and corporations, together we are better positioned to face the disruption of the future.

It is not about individuals, it is about teams. Let suppose, if tomorrow, we face a very unknown challenge which humanity have never witnessed before, can it be tackled individually only? No! For that we need to work together to come out of it. But why to wait for such situation to work collectively. If we will be already aware of each other's interests and potential, it would be easy for us to prepare for any sudden disruptions.

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Let's learn and grow together to face the challenges of the future.



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