Will technology destroy health and cause death?

About two months ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about buying online and in electronic stores, and she told me that she started buying some fresh foods through electronic stores instead of going to the market, and she joined an online store for fresh fish, which provides me with realistic pictures, and I choose the fish and it is delivered to the house instead of me. I go and pick it with my hands.

I liked the idea and was excited about it, after a while I found an online store that sells fresh vegetables day by day, with the same mechanism for selling fish and delivering it within an hour, so I gradually became shopping for most food commodities online instead of going shopping day by day or weekly.

image.png I recently discovered that getting out of the house in the last month has become very little, for those trips were almost the only ones I take in the Corona crisis, and with the lack of movement and sitting at home, my weight increased by a not large but noticeable rate, as well as I feel that I have become easier to sit and lazy to go out And movement, I thought about it and researched it and found that technology has become a major cause of several diseases that I think most of us suffer from without feeling, and this is not limited to obesity and laziness only, but also diseases of the brain, nerves and mental illnesses that can lead to death !!, and among the most prominent of those Common diseases:


Technology may have made life easy, but it will make us suffer on the other hand, which is the health aspect. Sitting at home for long periods and sitting on devices without movement negatively affects weight, especially since lack of movement causes a lethargy of the pituitary gland and affects thyroid hormone, both of which affect the rate of Burning and obesity are diseases that will threaten the lives of nearly half of the world's population, according to what is expected in 2030.

Nerve cell sensitivity

We all know the effect of technology devices on the brain, but what many do not know is that this effect may cause the sudden burst of cerebral arteries due to sensitivity and inflammation of nerve cells, which results in electrical flow in the brain and causes sudden internal bleeding that leads to death!

Negative impact on the psychological state

Most of us sit alone with electronic devices, and therefore the excessive use of technology affects us negatively, especially on the psychological side, and therefore most of us are accompanied by a feeling of lethargy, exhaustion, labor and learning, and the accumulation of negative feelings, which causes depression; In the end, our sitting on technology consumes mental energy, and our energy may be depleted without our feeling, and this is reflected on us with no benefit and a feeling that we are worthless people.

In addition to the deadly diseases, there are syndromes that occur as a result of technology and have a remarkable negative health effect, the most prominent of which are: image.png Thumb syndrome, which is a syndrome that starts from the thumb of the finger that we use most on the phone, and results in pain in the thumb nerve affecting the palm of the hand and wrist, and it leads to pain in the nerves of the entire hand.

Inflammation of the neck and back vertebrae Sitting in an incorrect position for long periods negatively affects the vertebrae and bones in the neck and back, and the problem of technology is that it makes us merge with it and we do not feel our position until after the completion of what we do on it, we are surprised by irresistible pain that may develop later into chronic inflammation.

Thigh syndrome, which is a common disease for those who put computers on their thighs, as their body shows signs and lines that resemble stretch marks but a darker color that gives an unpleasant appearance to the area, and it is caused by the heat emanating from the devices; Therefore, it is imperative that there be a barrier between any PC and any part of the body.

Digital eye, which is a chronic symptom with eyes that their owners sit for long hours, and its symptoms are dry eyes, headache, redness and burning, blurred vision similar to astigmatism.

Since technology is part of our daily life, do you have experience with any of the diseases or technological syndromes ?, And in your opinion, how can these risks be avoided, especially since technology has become one of the basics of learning and work for many?


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