Xiaomi reveals when it will start selling its foldable smartphone

We could see the first photos of an innovative smartphone from Xiaomi at the beginning of January 2019.

At that time, there were rumors that the device will appear at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, but in the end it did not happen.

an audience at such a great world event as CES undoubtedly is.

After all, we know that intense work is underway on it, and these are the assurances given to us by the head of Xiaomi.

He announced that this innovative device will go on sale early next year.

It is supposed to be the cheapest smartphone of this type on the market.

Experts believe that it will be equipped with the latest technologies that will not be found in competitors, such as Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2.

For example, the technology of hiding a selfie camera under the screen is mentioned here. New footage has appeared in the Chinese space of the network, where we can see the innovative Xiaomi smartphone / tablet up close.

It was posted by Donovan Sunga, one of the company's directors.

I must admit that the idea of ​​Chinese engineers on how to assemble the screen is the best of all devices we have seen so far.

At least I have that impression. "This symmetrical, double-folded form perfectly combines the capabilities of a tablet and a phone, which is not only practical, but also looks beautiful," said Lin Bin, president of Xiaomi.

The smartphone is quite small, but when unfolded it turns into a large, practical tablet on which you can perform several actions at the same time.

This is due to its folding into three parts, not two, as we have seen in other similar devices.

The display itself also folds beautifully and you do not see any deformations on it that spoil the whole effect, for example in the first officially presented foldable smartphone with a flexible screen, namely the Royole FlexPai. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about this device or its


For now, we have to be patient and wait for more news.

However, it is already certain that 2020 and 2021 will be marked by such innovative devices.

Each major manufacturer will have folded smartphones in its offer, but the best devices will appear after the period of their childhood problems, so it is worth refraining from buying them until 2021.


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